Our Business Philosophy

Amity’s business philosophy

We believe that if we cannot add value to our business partners and their clients, we should not be in business.

Our main objective

To assist our network associates in offering a world-class value proposition to their clients, enabling them to deliver cutting edge services consistently and enhancing their profitability.

Our Culture

Our culture is built around 4 core values namely:
  • Trust

    We embrace trust through six critical components namely character, competence, intent,commitment, communication and results.

  • Quality

    All our actions are guided by the continuous strive for improvement and the delivery of excellence in the services we offer and the relationships we cherish with our partners.

  • Partnership

    Partnership implies a relationship of care, shared values and a responsibility towards each other. We believe that a sustainable relationship can only be built if all parties in a partnership benefit. We firmly believe in win-win relationships.

  • Stewardship

    We are deeply aware of the fact that we are custodians of other people’s money. Growing wealth with care is our motto. Our approach to managing people’s money and other resources entrusted to us is to do so with care and a great sense of responsibility.