Amity Conserver Fund of Funds

The Amity Conserver Fund of Funds is managed to provide stable growth, which will protect the clients’ capital against the effects of inflation. The fund has a target return of 3% above inflation per annum over a rolling 3 year period. The objective is to structure a portfolio of funds that combines the strengths of different asset managers and varies in terms of asset allocation, style and philosophy. Risk is actively managed through asset allocation, valuation of asset classes and fund diversification, with the aim of protecting capital against downside risk. The Amity Conserver Fund of Funds is a low equity prudential fund which complies with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

Key fund information:

Objective Stable growth
Secondary objective No capital loss over 1 year
Benchmark Inflation +3% (net of fund fees)
Investment term 3 years (or longer)
Regulation 28 compliant Yes
ASISA category SA AA Multi Asset Low Equity
Maximum equity exposure 45%

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