Risk in the Amity Funds

Market risk refers to any investment that is tied to fluctuations in equity markets. Market risk is managed and reduced as described in the section on our investment philosophy.

The term institutional risk refers to the likelihood of a client losing money by doing business with Amity Wealth. As custodians of people’s money, we always ensure that clients who invest in Amity Wealth’s unit trusts are never exposed to institutional risk. This is achieved, firstly, by complying with all applicable legislation and with both the letter and the spirit of the law. Our funds are registered with the Financial Services Board and we adhere to the rules set out by the Association for Savings and Investments of South Africa.

Secondly, the role players in all the Amity funds are selected on the basis that only reputable institutions are used and we ensure that no one single party performs all the required tasks. The diagram below illustrates the composition of the Amity Wealth unit trust Fund of Funds. Boutique Collective Investments (BCI), an FSB authorised management company is the managing company of the Amity unit trust funds. This means that the funds are operated under the BCI approved licence and that they ultimately take responsibility for the management of the Amity funds.

Risk in Amity funds

The trustee of the Amity funds is Standard Bank Trust, which holds the clients’ money and investments in trust. Maitland is our fund administrator responsible for capturing each transaction, creating new units and valuing the units on a daily basis. KPMG is the auditor of the funds. In our selection of the underlying funds we ensure that we only deal with licensed and reputable asset management companies that are trustworthy. Amity Wealth also holds indemnity insurance.

Boutique Collective Investments

Amity Wealth and Boutique Collective Investments have entered into a strategic partnership, which is approved and registered with the Financial Services Board of South Africa. In terms of this arrangement, Amity Wealth invests and manages corporate and private individuals’ funds on the Boutique Collective Investments Platform, with the full technical and administrative support of Boutique multi-managers.

  • Amity BCI Conserver Fund of Funds
  • Amity BCI Prudent Fund of Funds
  • Amity BCI Flexible Growth Fund of Funds
  • Amity BCI Global Diversified Fund of Funds