Our Value Proposition

Our research indicates that most independent financial advisors battle with the following questions:

How Do I…

  • attract new clients;
  • grow my business;
  • retain clients;
  • consistently deliver on client expectations;
  • provide a consistent value proposition to all my clients;
  • enhance my business efficiency; and
  • reduce my business risk;

in an increasingly demanding and constantly changing environment, without losing my independence?

Many independent advisors battle to keep everything together when it comes to providing a top class service to their clients. Keeping up-to-date with the changes in the economy and investment markets, doing fund due-diligences whilst seeing clients every day, and managing a profitable financial advice business becomes an almost impossible task in the ever increasing onerous regulatory environment.

If you are a financial advisor who provides clients with a range of financial services of which investments is one and for whom independence is non-negotiable, Amity Wealth has an excellent value proposition which will benefit your business significantly.

Amity Wealth provides wealth management solutions which will enable you, the independent financial advisor, to consistently deliver a valued experience to your clients. Our simplified and integrated wealth management solutions enable you to:
  • attract new clients
  • grow your business;
  • consistently deliver in accordance with your client’s expectations;
  • provide a first class service model to your clients;
  • retain your clients;
  • enhance your business efficiencies;
  • increase your profitability; and
  • reduce the risk of doing business.