General Practitioners

If you are an independent financial advisor whose business provides risk and investment services to your clients, our services will be of benefit to you. We offer:

1. A complete wealth management solution

A Wealth management policy is developed for your FSP which provides an investment philosophy, strategy and process which can consistently be implemented for all your clients.

With a state of the art, individually branded wealth plan you can ensure that your clients have a clear roadmap as to how they can achieve their investment objective and provide a foundation for constructing their portfolios. The individually branded quarterly reporting does not only ensure that you deliver a consistent basic service to all your clients, it also provides a tool that measures the clients’ investment progress.

By using our well researched Fund of Fund range in your strategy you will have the peace of mind that your clients’ funds are aligned with specific return targets and risk profiles. Our Fund of Funds also ensures that the necessary rebalancing is done on behalf of all clients, which reduces risk and enhances performance.

2. Investment research and consulting

Our team of investment analysts provide consulting and research support to our network associates with regards to asset allocation, fund analysis and portfolio construction. Our independent fund due diligence report and investment analysis tools enable the independent advisor to provide a well-researched investment solution to clients.

Through quarterly investment publications and training our associates are always at the cutting edge of the latest developments in wealth management.

3. A Business management solution

Our business consultants assist you in transforming your practice into a business. The objective of our business development program is to assist you in developing a value proposition and service model that consistently delivers a valued experience for your clients. To deliver this plan consistently, all the functions of your business i.e. marketing, HR, operations, compliance and finance need to be aligned.

We provide a state of the art operational system that enables you to take control of the administrative function through workflows. Our back office support delivers individually branded quarterly reports for your clients which builds your brand and improves the quality and quantity of your client interaction.

Through our CPD accredited training your skills are continuously developed and you are kept informed of the latest developments in the fields of Wealth management, Compliance and Practice management.

The network association also provides different solutions for contingency.

4. An integrated compliance solution

Advice risk is reduced by using our unique compliance templets in each step of your client interaction process. In the event of a client complaint you have access to our experienced legal support team.

Our compliance solution also offers consultation and continuous training, which ensures that your business risk is reduced and your business is always compliant with the latest regulatory developments.